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This isn’t your average “sit around, don’t touch anything and get me some coffee” kind of internship program

If you’re among the best and brightest students and want to launch your media career, Quincy Media’s paid internship or Quinternship program is for you.

You’re not interested in a “sit around and watch” kind of experience and neither are we. Instead, Quinterns get hands-on experience with lots of guidance from our team members along the way.

In some of our broadcast markets, news and sports Quinterns will get the opportunity to do on-air reporting. You’ll also research, write and create stories for our digital platforms. In our newspapers, you’ll create and publish stories that make a difference in our communities.

In all cases, you’ll be using industry-standard tools. You’ll earn a paycheck just like any other member of our teams. And you get an inside track when it comes to full-time career opportunities. Not just at the location where you’re working but across our group. What’s possible? A former intern at KTIV in Sioux City now runs the station.

Interested in learning more?  Check out the program description and fill out an online application. You’ll be able to choose your desired location(s) and areas of interest.

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Quinterns rate their experiences

As they end their Quinternship programs, we ask our Quinterns to rate our program.

As you can see in the chart, their overall satisfaction with their experiences is 4.75 out of 5 based on data collected as of July 2018. They also rank the variety and quality of skills learned, work experienced gained and overall value in helping them to land a job as very high. Creating a quality resume reel of published works is an important key to landing those jobs. Here again, Quinterns say they get plenty of opportunity to do that.So much of what Quinterns get out of the program depends on the effort they put into it. The vast majority do very, very well, in part because we choose the best and the brightest.

 Our goal is to provide valuable learning experiences and on-the-job training. Why? Because we love hiring Quinterns into the next phase of their careers. They know our people. They know our technology. They know our culture. And we know them. We know their work ethic. We know the quality of their work better than anyone else.

Interested in learning more?  Check out the program description and fill out an online application. You’ll be able to choose your desired location(s) and areas of interest.

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