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The purpose behind the Quinternship Paid Internship Program is to offer students in the field of journalism, broadcasting, communication and related fields the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in broadcast television, radio, and digital information.  Students who participate (Interns) will gain a wide variety of practical experience and will receive an hourly wage.  The company strives to offer this opportunity to a diverse group of Interns.

Interns who participate in the program will work a mutually agreeable flex schedule set by the Company (Employer), while attending school.  In many cases, the Intern can earn college or university credits and fulfill graduation prerequisites, if agreed to by their institutions of higher learning.  Employer will work with the Intern and cooperate with Intern’s school to meet criteria required to receive academic credit for the Intern’s participation in the Program.  Employer cannot guarantee that the Intern’s involvement in the Internship Program will result in credit; however, Employer will cooperate to the fullest extent possible to assist the Intern in securing available credit.

Interns can expect to be exposed to many aspects of the industry. A limited number of internships are available in the departments of news, production, promotion, marketing, digital media and engineering.

Internships usually run concurrently with the Intern’s academic semester; but can and may include opportunities during holiday breaks and summer recesses.  The Internship will give the Interns opportunities to secure real world media experience, get acquainted with the Employer and its operation, and learn about work expectations and journalistic responsibilities. Interns must be at least 18 years of age, have a valid driver’s license and be insurable under Employer’s automobile liability insurance coverage, and maintain good standing with their sponsoring university and/or college.

Interns will be assigned an advisor/mentor by Employer.  The Intern will work with, rely on and communicate with their advisor/mentor during their Internship.  This is a valuable opportunity for the Intern to observe and actually work side by side with an experienced media professional.

Also, the Company understands that Interns expect to be treated as professionals.  Likewise, the Company expects that all Interns will act in a professional fashion.  Interns shall be required to follow the Company’s Employment Manual and applicable codes of conduct.  This includes the requirement that the Intern adhere to the Company’s Confidentiality and Privacy Rules.  Interns must understand the significant responsibilities that accompany the rights and benefits that exist in connection with their Internship.

We seek the best and brightest students for the Program. Our goal is to prepare these outstanding student Interns for influential jobs with broadcast organizations with particular attention to diversity among the selected interns.

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