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Quintern lands full-time position at Quincy Media station

Quincy Media’s paid Quinternship Program has turned into a full-time career for WKOW’s Andrew Merica.

Andrew joined WKOW as Quintern in January with Northwestern University. Andrew was able to do real work in WKOW’s newsroom.

“Starting on my very first day as a Quintern, I was treated like a valued member of the news team,” Merica said.

Andrew went on to produce content that aired on WKOW’s 5 and 6pm newscasts.

That experience paid off.

Less than a month after Andrew started his Quinternship, a full-time position became available and he was offered the job.

“I accepted the offer, and I was able to easily transition from the Quinternship into the full-time position because I was already being treated like a full-time employee,” Merica said. “The Quinternship program gave me the ability to learn, develop and refine critical reporting skills in a real-world environment, which led me directly and quickly into the first full-time position of my career. Truly, this was my ideal internship scenario. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”

Click here for more on Merica’s experience in the Quinternship Program, in his own words.

Travis Sloan

Group Social Media and Digital Content Manager for Quincy Media, Inc.

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