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Quincy Media and much of the television industry plan for channel changes as a result of FCC Spectrum Auction

Did You Know?

Starting in 2018, nearly 1,000 television stations nationwide, and nearly a dozen Quincy Media-related stations, will need to change their transmitting systems to new channels. These changes are required as a result of the Federal Communications Commission’s auction of 70 MHz of broadcast spectrum to wireless telephone companies.

About the need for the auction, the FCC says, “today, there are more connected mobile devices than there are people living in the U.S., and about 70 percent of Americans use data -hungry smartphones. This increasing demand for wireless airwaves poses a major challenge to ensuring that America’s networks have the capacity to support the critical economic, public safety, health care and other activities that rely on them. In order to meet this challenge, the FCC designed the broadcast incentive auction through close bipartisan collaboration with Congress as well as the broadcast and wireless industries.”

The National Association of Broadcasters says, “NAB congratulates the FCC on completing the incentive auction. We are now eager to work with the Commission to ensure a smooth repacking transition that protects consumer access to local news, weather, community service and lifeline emergency programming. We look forward to working on a bipartisan basis with policymakers on a seamless transition for our tens of millions of TV viewers and radio listeners.”

While QMI did not participate in the auction, 11 Quincy Media properties or stations we support will be changing channels starting in 2018 as part of this initiative. Our goal is to minimize any disruption to our viewers and to maximize the opportunity to serve our communities.

Stations affected include:

  • KTIV, Sioux City, IA
  • KXLT-TV, Rochester, MN
  • WAOE, Peoria, IL
  • WBNG, Binghamton, NY
  • WHOI, Peoria, IL
  • WISE-TV, Fort Wayne, IN
  • WMOW, Crandon, WI
  • WQOW, Eau Claire, WI
  • WSJV, Elkhart, IN
  • WVVA, Bluefield, WV
  • WXOW, La Crosse, WI

As the transition nears in each market, you can expect your local television station to provide plenty of information to viewers on how to make sure your televisions receive our stations on the new channels without interruption.

This video gives a brief look at the difficulty, costly and disruptive nature of this transition.[embedyt][/embedyt]

Jon Okerstrom

Director of Digital Content and Technology for Quincy Media, Inc.

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